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Stylish, dependable and powerful. Shuttle desktops offer various models to suit your needs for power-house performance, the aluminum chassis inside and out will tend not to corrode, rust or discolor. This makes for an extremely durable computer that will last many years and remain in pristine condition.


With the most innovative technology in the industry, Shuttle Computer brings you a whole new experience to your living room. From the embedded 7-inch display with touch screen technology to less than 3 inches slim box, simply operation itself already a fun.


All-in-one PC is the next trend, and Shuttle will lead you with everything you need. ShuttleX50 will bring you the first time ever experience to change what you think is a PC. It’s about time to abandon your gigantic tower box and ugly electric wires. With carriageable hanger, merge your life all in just one touch.

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R4 6100
R4 6100 Intel
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X50 V2 Plus
X50 V2+ All-In-One Intel


The digital home, with ever-growing numbers of consumer electronics devices, will increase depend on the what kind of PC you have to handle the demands of orchestrating the different networked TVs, stereos, cameras, and other devices and appliances in your home. Shuttle Computer is tomorrow’s computer-powerful enough to run multi-media applications in the best way. No longer do digital applications have to be in a huge server, everything you want for your digital life in 10 years can happen now.



Very Stylish
Finally, a PC that was designed with you, performance, and style in mind. With Shuttle Computer, you have the ultimate flexibility to blend form and function into any room in your digital home, because the designer look just like the other home decoration you have, but inside of it is the strongest performance you never experience. Efficient and quite, you can rarely feel it while enjoy your favorite digital entertainment.

Very Light
Aluminum is extremely light and therefore the Shuttle chassis is very light. The Shuttle PC is light enough and small enough to be called a portable desktop. It’s about one third the size of your average PC. You’ll be able to fit it just about anywhere. This is one computer brings your life more freedom and possibility, because it's really not a hassle to move it around – and any digital joy you want can fit in this small box.

Very Easy
You want to surf the Internet, download music, and stream video while virus scan hums in the background. With Shuttle you can do all that and more without slowing down with the ultimate choice of leading-edge dual- and multi-core processors from technology leaders Intel and AMD. This small case has an innovative and user-friendly tool-free design that allows you easy access to your hard drive for repair and system upgrades. Plus, with powerful energy-efficient technologies built-in to Shuttle models, you can play and work hard while running smooth, quiet, and have more fun.

Very Cool
Integrated Cooling Engine (I.C.E.) Heat Pipe Technology
The world has seen a stunning increase in CPU and bus speeds over the last few years. This extreme acceleration, combined with the need to pack even more functionality into ever smaller spaces, today means an equally dramatic increase in the amount of heat generated by components inside the computer. Most PC manufacturers have done theThe Integrated Cooling Engine uses convection cooling to transfer heat away from the processor and other critical system components. obvious: increase the size of the heatsinks along with the number and power of fans located inside the chassis. The big problem with this approach, of course, is the noise. Imagine being in a small room where one person is whispering quietly. You probably don't even notice the noise. But when a half-dozen people are whispering at once and all you want is a little peace and quiet, it's enough to drive you mad. The comparison with PCs is quite similar. Many performance systems, sporting numerous high-speed fans, output more than 60 decibels, which is about the same level as a regular conversation. Knowing that few PC users want this sort of noise pollution, Shuttle devised a better heat solution: our Integrated Cooling Engine (I.C.E.) heat pipe technology.

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