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Last Update : 2013/04/23
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Question / Issue
Why Antivirus software detected a Trojan in the Driver CD?

Answer / Solution

The Run.exe file in the driver disk is a necessary file for auto installation of all drivers. With the enhanced security system in Vista and Win7, every time when user is trying to install a software or application, windows will prompt the user to confirm the action. The purpose of the run.exe file is to obtain administrator's privilege first so that all drivers can be installed automatically without users clicking many confirmation boxes. Since the behavior of the run.exe file is to obtain admin rights, it is easy to be identified as Trojan since most Trojan file has the same behavior. However, we already confirmed that the Trojan detection is false positive. If you are using Microsoft Security Essentials, Norton Antivirus, or Avira Antivirus software, they will not report this file as a threat if you have your code updated. Or, please disable your Antivirus software before installing drivers to avoid this kind of confusion.

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